Primary Ballots are Due Today – Add your Vote for Stan Rumbaugh for Position 1 to the WA Supreme Court

The election primary is today, August 17th so be sure you get your ballot in the mail today. If you miss getting it to your own Post Office by closing time, the Riverton Post Office just west of Pacific Highway South (International Blvd) in Tukwila, WA is open until midnight.

Judge races in a two-candidate field are decided in the primary. In a three-candidate race, any candidate that gets more than 50% of the primary vote wins. Thus, Position I for the Washington Supreme Court, a two-candidate race, will be decided in the primary today. This is why it is so important to raise awareness of the Position 1 race for State Supreme Court.

My recommendation for Supreme Court Position 1 is Stan Rumbaugh. He is an excellent and well-respected attorney and has been a great advocate of consumer rights. He is worthy of our votes.

Stan Rumbaugh was raised on a farm in central Ohio by his grandparents – he is no stranger to hard work. When he decided to come to Tacoma to open up his small business at the age of 25 Stan knew playing a role in the community was important to him and his family and served on the boards of Bates Community College, World Trade Commission and The Tacoma Housing Authority. He has been an involved community member.

Stan Rumbaugh represented thousands of clients in his 30 years as an attorney. He has fought causes at all levels of justice in our state. His small firm has fought for rights of consumers, propriety owners and victims. As a candidate, Stan Rumbaugh reflects the values we as citizens want in a Supreme Court Justice

Stan Rumbaugh is endorsed by the Washington Education Association, Washington Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood of Washington and Equal Rights Washington, it is apparent a broad coalition of community and union organizations are behind Stan Rumbaugh for State Supreme Court.

To learn more about Stan Rumbaugh on the issues, visit his website at

The best part about our government is that you get to vote and be heard. Be sure to add your voice today by mailing in your primary ballot.

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