State Farm Will Believe You Hit A Deer When You Serve Them Venison Steaks – The Consumerist

You won’t believe it even after you’ve read this story; however, it contains excellent advice! Document, document, document your problem is the only way to avoid needless arguing with your insurance company. If insurance companies truly are as great as they claim, would they need to spend billions in advertising? Wouldn’t you just be going […] Read more »

Progressive underpaid customers’ claims | Seattle PI

State: Progressive insurers underpaid customers’ claims By VANESSA HO SEATTLEPI.COM STAFF If your car is totaled and you have insurance, you expect to be paid the full amount of the car’s cash value, right? But the state says three Progressive insurance companies were underpaying Washington policyholders, CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THE STORY: State: […] Read more »