Did you know? Ways to Access Affordable Medication.

Often, I have clients who have no health insurance and need help finding affordable medications. Sometimes, you can get medications for free from the manufacturer – based on your income and a lack of prescription health insurance coverage. Another way is to get some of your medications, which are available in generic form, from stores offering special prices for generics. The Consumerist website lists 10 stores with such pricing – just click on the title link below.

10 Stores With Cheap Generic Drugs


Cheap generic drugs are good for when you’re between jobs, between insurance, or if you’ve just got a prescription drug plan that is costing you too much money. You might find, as Wise Bread did, that a generic version of your medication actually causes fewer side effects in addition to being more cost-effective.

You can use Consumer Report’s Best Buy drugs to help you locate some generics that might work for you, and then speak to your doctor about them.

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