Quiz: Ever consider the hazards of eating and driving?

The Sacremento Bee recently published a fun quiz on the hazards of eating and driving. How well do you score?


Ever consider the hazards of eating and driving?

Put down the food and grab the wheel.

By SAM MCMANIS Sacramento Bee

You’ve no doubt heard about the hazards of driving while yakking on a cellphone or using your thumbs to text rather than steer. Well, how about the dangers of eating while driving?

The “Ask a Dietitian” website listed the dangers of driving while eating, culled from a list compiled by Hagerty Insurance Co. So put down that greasy burger and put both hands on our quiz.

1. What is the most hazardous thing a driver can consume behind the wheel?

a) Oatmeal

b) Coffee

c) Cheetos

d) Green beans

2. Why is the answer to Question 1 deemed the most hazardous?

a) “Because drivers invariably try to make instant cleanups while still driving”

b) “Because it’s often served at temperatures near scalding, and can cause serious burns that also divert a driver’s focus”

c) “Because uncovered drinks generally are the greatest offenders for unexpected splashes and spills”

d) All of the above

3. Why do more food-related auto accidents happen in the morning than in the evening?

a) “A driver’s synapses do not fire as fully as in the afternoon, increasing spills”


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