Thanksgiving (via the Supreme Court of Washington Blog)

The Supreme Court of Washington Blog posted some very amusing Thanksgiving tidbits. Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday. – Roxanne

Just for Thanksgiving…

from Supreme Court of Washington Blog by Trent England

For Thanksgiving, from the Court’s archives, an opinion summarized in verse.

Nelson v. Imperial Trading Company, No. 9879, 1912.

Carl Nelson from Kansas, in the turkey trade,
With Imperial of Spokane, a contract made:
Two thousand pounds of fancy grade
Gobbler meat, for delivery November 23rd.

Yet on the contractually specified date
Imperial found the turkeys late,
And some of the fowls not fit for bait.
And so Imperial rejected every bird.

Held for the buyer: they did not waive
Objections for delivery that was delayed.
They are not estopped for what was said,
Wrote Justice Crow, the rest concurred.

Happy Thanksgiving! (And if the day isn’t all you hope for, read about the Boyer family’s Thanksgiving in 1927 in Boyer v. Tacoma for a reminder that it could be worse.)

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