Auto Collisions: What to Do

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1. Stay Calm and Prioritize Safety

Check yourself and passengers for injuries. If needed, call 911 for medical assistance.
Ensure your surroundings are safe. Move to a secure location nearby, but don’t leave the collision scene.


2. Call the Police and File an Collision Report

When the police arrive, they’ll create an collision report. This document includes essential details:
Time, date, and location of the collision.
Description of the incident.
Information about drivers and witnesses.
The report is valuable for insurance claims and legal purposes; however, if the police wont respond or take a report, exchange information with the other driver as noted below.


3. Be Minimal and Polite in Your Statements

Collisions are stressful, but avoid accusing others or admitting fault.
Since no one person has all the information, keep discussions minimal.
Discuss collision details only with the officer creating the report, but do exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver.

4. Gather Important Information

Exchange details with the other driver(s):
Names, contact information including their address, driver’s license number, and insurance details.
Vehicle descriptions (make, model, license plate).
Document the scene:
Take photos of vehicle damage of all vehicles involved, road conditions, and any relevant signs.
Note weather conditions and visibility.
Collect contact information from witnesses, if possible.
Remember, your safety is essential. Stay safe at the collision scene.


5. After leaving the collision scene

After the collision report has been filed and you are able to leave the scene, follow up with your insurance agent. Seek medical care as appropriate.
If you have sustained injuries, call us at Wild Sky Law Group, PLLC at (425) 646-2773.
Read this list over now, then print it out and keep a copy in your car for reference. Also remember to keep pens, paper, a camera if your phone doesn’t have one in your car to use in case of a wreck.